esim won’t transfer to new phone

  • 12 June 2024
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Hi, I have just upgraded my handset and contract from an iPhone to 13 to 15. I had to activate my eSIM on my old phone as it arrived before the new phone  and the old phone stopped having network. I have now received my new phone but the esim won’t transfer - it states the sim in your old iPhone does not support eSIM transfer. I have also tried using the original QR code but this no longer works. What should I do next please? Thanks

4 replies

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Unfortunately @Roisin Town, iD Mobile don’t support eSIM transfers from one device to another device.

Forum members can’t look at customers accounts, nor issue an eSIM.

Probably best to contact iD customer service about this, @Roisin Town - hopefully they’ll be able to send you (email) a replacement eSIM.

The iD advisers work until 8pm on weekdays - the iD chatbot works 24/7.


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Hi @Roisin Town 


Sorry to hear this, do you still require assistance with this?

Please let us know if so so we can get in touch.

We’ll be able to get in contact with you to assist here, or for a quicker service, we’d recommend using the Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter.




i have the same problem 


can some one help.


i am having active id eSIM in one phone and not able to move to other phone

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Hey there @Mbsb999, sorry to hear that.


I’d recommend contacting us via our live-chat to have this investigated ASAP: