iMessage Activation Unsuccessful Issue

Hi everyone,

I have seen a number of questions relating to this similar issue and want to get it resolved asap please.

I have just upgraded from a iPhone 12 Pro to and iPhone 14 Pro, and after swapping my sim card (which worked perfectly fine in my 12) my iMessage & FaceTime are now defaulting to my email address opposed to my mobile number. When attempting to select my number as the default iMessage/FaceTime sender and receiver, I am greeted with the message that activation was unsuccessful. I can see that based on other people’s experiences as well as my own, this seems like an ID Mobile sim issue and not an Apple one however unsure how my sim can work on one device and not the other?

I have attempted all the suggested resolutions on other threads and can confirm that my number has been the same for years - my iD Mobile number only linked to my iPhone 14 device 

I have reset my network settings and the same number is still there however will not connect to my iMessage/FaceTime. I cannot send any messages when I turn iMessage off, my main contacts all use iMessage and I am unable to send anything to them. (I have checked and my SMS is set to on however will not send) 

PLEASE can someone from ID’s customer support assist with this ongoing issue and resolve it as it is increasingly frustrating to see how multiple people are suffering from the same issue with no resolution being put in place. 

Kind Regards,

Trishul (he/him)


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Hi @Jason Tennant ,

Glad to hear that this is resolved.

Please get back in touch if you require further assistance.