‘No Service’ Account Issue

  • 4 January 2024
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My iPhone will not connect to mobile data; wherever I am, it says 'No Service'. This issue started about a month and a half ago.
Since then, I have tried:

  1. Taking the SIM card in and out.
  2. Replacing the SIM card with a new one that you sent me, and activating it.
  3. Reseting the network settings on my iPhone.
  4. Turning Airplane Mode on and off.
  5. Restarting my phone.
  6. Turning off automatic network selection and selecting the iD network.
  7. I went to the Apple Store and they had a look, and confirmed that it was not an issue with the phone itself; all of the hardware and software tests proved fine. They tried my SIM card in another phone and it didn’t work. They tried another SIM card in my phone and it worked fine.
  8. The iD coverage checker said I had good coverage (and my other family members on iD have signal).
  9. My bills are paid.
  10. I have plenty of data left.

Nothing has worked. Do you know what could be the matter? Many thanks for your help.

iPhone Model: iPhone SE 2020

iOS Version: 17.2.1 (Latest Version)

iD Network Provider Version: 57.0


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28 replies

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Hi @Pixels,

Welcome to the Community!

If you don’t get any updates, please get back to us here and we can check it out.



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Hello again,

The issue has been resolved at last! 
I spoke to someone at iD over the phone the other day to see if they could find a solution to the problem. As it turns out, my account was blocked because there was some fraudulent activity against my account which involved trying to contact my number. However, I was not informed at all, when I was supposed to receive an email! The iD colleague then reimbursed me, reactivated my account and, after a day of waiting, the dreaded ‘No Signal’ message disappeared! My data is now fully functional and everything is back to normal.

Thanks for taking the time to help me with this issue, I really appreciated your help getting to the bottom of this issue.

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Hi @Pixels,

Glad to hear that the issue is resolved.

Please let us know if you require further assistance and we would be happy to help.