old mobile number hasnt been ported across

  • 24 April 2024
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I signed up on 4th April and my old number hasn't been ported across even though I sent my PAC code. I've tried to resend the PAC code but it's not allowing me.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


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7 replies

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Okay @Steve Marshall, does your old service provider’s SIM still work?
If yes, then your switch hasn’t happened.

Maybe contact the support team about your switch, by using the online iD Live Chat service - if this doesn’t seem to be working, sometimes the following can help:

  • Allowing popup windows in your web browser
  • Using a different web browser
  • Using an incognito / private window in your web browser

Otherwise, you can send a private message to iD support from their pages on social media, by using Facebook Messenger or X (formerly Twitter). 

The advisers work until 8pm on weekdays.

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Yeah, old service sim still works. I'll try and get in touch via social media tomoz to get it sorted.

Cheers pal 👍🏼 

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Sounds like the requested switching date, when you joined iD Mobile, wasn’t properly processed at that time, @Steve Marshall

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Hi @Steve Marshall, welcome to the community!

@andewhite is right here, it sounds like your number switch request hasn’t been processed. A number transfers over in 24-48 working hours unless you’ve requested a specific date on processing.

Let us know here if you need any further assistance in this and we’d be happy to send you a PM to resolve.


My number hasnt been ported over although my old provider  has disconnected. 

I requested  7th June which is  today.

Anyone help ? 

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My number hasn't been ported over although my old provider  has disconnected. 

I requested  7th June which is  today.

Anyone help ? 

It can sometime take iD Mobile until 10pm to complete number switches, @maryramsay

Forum members like us can’t look at customers accounts.

Maybe better to contact iD customer service via their online Live Chat service, or send them a private message using Facebook Messenger.

The iD advisers work until 8pm on weekdays (6pm at weekends). 


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Hey there @maryramsay, all ports complete between 8am-10pm, so it may have just not completed at the time you wrote this.


We hope all is sorted now, but if not, please do let us know :)