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  • 22 February 2024
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Network issue; can’t even use data for browsing 

I have taken contract iPhone with ID mobile and there is no network for the sim everywhere. Still struggling more of the time to use data for browsing and some other times for calling as well. They says it’s 4G but am getting 2G. I can’t even cancel my contract because it’s been a month I purchased. So please anyone can tell me what to do.


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30 replies

When I send INFO to 58075 they text my final bill 1567.79 what it means. Should I need to pay them fully if I want to cancel..could u please explain


What will happen Direct debit 

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Okay @Ahamed Shekeel, to leave iD Mobile today and keep your iPhone handset, you’ll need to pay £1567.79. 

This is your early termination fee for ending your contract outside the cooling-off period and within the 24-month minimum term. 

Do you need to keep the mobile number linked with the iD SIM card, @Ahamed Shekeel?


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Hi @Ahamed Shekeel 


If you’re outside of your returns period you’d be subject to the final termination fee when leaving iD Mobile. If you plan to leave iD Mobile before your contracted term ends you’d be subject this fee.