SMS messages not sending after number transferred

Hi, can anybody help solve the issues of sms messages not sending? It’s been about a month since I transferred to iD from three, and I can’t send sms messages. I’ve seen other threads with the same issues and tried all the trouble shooting solutions suggested but nothing changes, nothing seems to be working. Is it an issue with the SIM card and number transfer process from iD?

Also tried to speak to somebody form iD but can’t seem to, anybody had luck with this? shocking customer service so far 

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Have you tried a NETWORK RESET on your handset, @Ann_Taylor

The device user guide should have the reset procedures.

Otherwise, just use the online iD Live Chat to contact iD support.

Ask the chatbot to “talk to a person”. The advisers work until 8pm on weekdays. 



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Hi @Ann_Taylor,

Welcome to the Community!

As you’ve tried all troubleshooting we would need to message you to investigate further.

If you haven’t been able to get assistance via Live Chat, please let us know.