transaction ID required for porting number

  • 12 June 2024
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Can someone please get in touch about my transaction ID number for porting my physical sun to esim? I don’t have a welcome email with it nor an invoice generated with it, as the help button infers. 




6 replies

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Assuming you’ve installed and activated your iD eSIM @TomD91, then the number should be in the device settings, otherwise just call / text a friend / family member who can tell you the number.  

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I don’t need the phone number, to port my old number over the ID MOBILE form requires a transaction number that they say is on the invoice/welcome email. Neither of which I have 

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Oops, sorry @TomD91

You can also setup a port to iD Mobile by using their online Live Chat service - an iD adviser should be able to assist without needing the transaction number.

The iD advisers work between 9am - 8pm on weekdays - the iD chatbot works 24/7.



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Thank you!

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Tip: tell the chatbot you want to “talk to a person”.

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Hi @TomD91 


Sorry to hear this, do you still require assistance with this?

Please let us know if so so we can get in touch.

We’ll be able to get in contact with you to assist here, or for a quicker service, we’d recommend using the Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter.