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24 month contract??

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Im thinking of joining ID mobile.

Do i keep the phone after my 24 month contract ends, regardless of whether i renew upgrade or change to sim only.

thanks for your help..


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To keep your handset at the end of the 24-month period, you would need to remember to login to the iD Mobile App or https://my.idmobile.co.uk and then find yourself a SIM only upgrade or change the tariff you’re on at that time.

This allows you to keep the handset you’ve got, and hopefully lower your costs - and if you’re lucky, also increase your call, text and data allowances at the same time.


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so I have to enter another contract after the 24 months enable to own the phone?

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No the phone is yours! 

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Hi @c.r.e.a.m, just to confirm, the phone is yours from day one.

You don’t need to sign up again after 24 months if you don’t want to, but the services will continue by default. If you wish to leave us, you’ll need to contact us closer to the time.


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Hey thanks for the clarification, 


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