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service does not allow access to this number

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My phone keeps cutting off, stating the above error message. It happens at various stages throughout a call and to differenttypes of numbers. 


Best answer by Mohammed 10 September 2020, 15:08

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Am having the same problem. Please investigate

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Hi @Tomlo777 I understand we’ve reached out to you via Private Message to look into your issue in particular.

@steh575 we’ll message you here now so that we can take a further look into your own complaint.  Please click your profile and go to inbox to get back to us there.

Thank you.

I’m getting the message now when trying to call a 800 number (it cuts connection right away). Please help!

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I am having exactly the same problem since November, and still paying for a service that I am not using. I can't make calls at all. Only date still working.

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Hello @Marilu85,

Your issue may be something else as the issues above relate specifically to 0800 and service numbers.

Can you call UK mobile numbers? What happens when you try to call them?

Does your plan show remaining minutes?


@Vandpolo, are you currently in the UK or roaming?




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No. I Can't call any uk number.

When I try to make a call it says: " Your service doesn't allow access to this number" ( This actually happens to any number mobile or 0141)

I got unlimited mins 

Yes I am in UK

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Hi @Marilu85,


We’ll drop you a Private Message now to see why this is happening.



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Never got your menssager

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Hi @Marilu85,

I can see that you have since replied to our message and we are in the process of replying back today. Thank you.



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