How can I get the eSIM QR emailed to me?

  • 16 May 2024
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The question is self explainatory. And, please don’t send me any articles. I just want my eSIM QR code and be done with this. I have spent 1hr going through the website to find out how to get my QR code. This should be not be that difficult to get. 




4 replies

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Have you spoken to iD customer care, using their online Live Chat service, @Martin44?

The advisers work until 8pm on weekdays - their chatbot works 24/7.


No because the live chat icon does not up on my browser. I tried on my laptop and iPhone. 


Please, advise how I can get in touch with them

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If you can’t access Live Chat, sometimes the following might help: 

  • Allowing popup windows.
  • Using an incognito / inprivate window in your browser. 
  • Using a different web browser.

Alternatively, contact iD customer care via their social media pages, using Facebook Messenger or X (formerly Twitter).


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Hi @Martin44,

Welcome to the Community!

Just checking if you managed to get your issue is resolved.

If you still require assistance we can send you a PM.