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iD Community News and Updates

  • 25 January 2021
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iD Community News and Updates
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Welcome to the first-ever iD Community News and Updates blog post! 

What to expect from the iD Community News and Updates blogs? 
Well, every month we'll post up a recap of what's been going on in the iD Community over the last month. We'll also give you an insight into things to come, as well as a few interesting facts and figures. 


The January Recap 

January sure was a busy month here on the iD Community, with 2411 new members join our Community, and 1028 questions asked! Our trusty team of superusers and iD Team members helped resolve most of your queries here on the Community. 


The most popular Community categories in Jan were:





iOS: We received several members asking about getting their iPhone unlocked last month. In case you need it or want to refer another member to it, we have an article on getting your phone unlocked here

Please note, if you've purchased a phone from someone, and it's locked to the iD network, you'll need to contact the seller and ask them to contact us to request the phone to be unlocked. 


Cancellations: As much as we'd hate to see you leave, we hate to see our members having issues even more! We've seen some customers facing difficulties when trying to disconnect their iD Mobile plan. So we've updated our Cancellation help and support content to address some of the most common issues we're seeing here on the Community. We hope that this will solve many of the problems members face when trying to cancel their plan. The new content can be found here

Just a heads up, If you're moving to another network, the simplest and most cost-effective way to do so, is to switch network. This means that you request a code from one network (PAC or STAC), and provide your new network with the code. Your new network will do all the techy stuff in the background and request your old network to disconnect your plan automatically once the switch is complete. This usually takes about 1-working day depending on your networks switching policy. 

As well as updating our help and support content, we're currently reviewing the cancellation related issues that have been mentioned on the Community. And we're looking into how we can improve the overall process. 

If you're completely stuck and can't cancel your plan in the app or by texting our switch number, chat to our Web Chat team, and they'll assist you. You can contact the team here (you'll go through our Virtual Assistant first, then be passed on to the next available Live Chat Agent). 


Coverage: As we continue to have to stay at home, we understand that keeping in touch with friends, family and those that mean the most to you has never been more important, which is why we've just published an article on Wi-Fi Calling, a feature that is available on all iD plans as long as your device is compatible. You can view the article here


January Community Newsletter

In-case you missed it, last month we went out with the following articles: 

Want to receive the newsletter and keep up to date with all iD Community news, updates and competitions? Well, simply login to the iD Mobile app, and go to the 'My Account' page, select 'Edit preferences' on the 'Keep me in the loop' tile, then select 'Email' and save your settings. 

That's it for the January Community update, but watch this space, as we'll be posting more updates and information as months go on. If there's more community-related information you'd like to see from these monthly updates, let us know below. 

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