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no delivery of handset ,returned by dpd to currys???

  • 16 June 2022
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i have ordered a contract phone and delivery of the handset was today ,i received  an email to say dpd were delivering today but have checked dpd tracking and says returned to currys,why? no email or notification

5 replies

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Sounds like you ordered from Currys - if so, you’re better off contacting Currys directly to determine what happened to your delivery.

Visit their online Help and Service hub for more options.


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No,i didnt order on currys site i ordered from id mobile which i believe is currys/car phone warehouse,i asked on here why it had been returned as trying to contact someone who actually works for id mobile is like trying to contact Lord Lucan!!!  but it is all sorted now ,they requested the handset back from dpd (unknown reason) but that was my question on here why they have requested it back, strange they dont send any info why they have requested or why they have cancelled, nothing ,chat dont work,phone number is shite ,they even sent me an email the next day to say i hope your enjoying your new phone?,no funny enough!!.

i contacted them thru twitter and they said they have cancelled the order (reason unknown)?  iv gone with a different provider and have the phone.


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I wonder why nobody from iD Mobile could explain why your order was recalled, without a reason.

Anyway, glad you’ve got a phone and airtime plan elsewhere - consider it a lucky escape.

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Hi @Michael Ottley 


Sorry to hear you had this issue, I’m unsure why DPD wouldn’t have delivered it to you in the first place, it’d show Currys on the DPD website as we’re all one company so I wouldn’t be alarmed too much by it saying Currys and not iD Mobile.


Glad to hear you’ve sorted yourself with a new device, sorry we couldn’t resolve it for you!



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Well @Tom - it’s not entirely a happy ending for @Michael Ottley.

Their more recent post in topic “handset not delivered -id mobile cancelled and still get billed”, reports of iD Mobile billing a customer for something that was never actually delivered - how does that happen?


Why iD Mobile?