upgrade and new sim?

I have just upgraded but for some reason you are sending a new sim. Is this correct? My plan on the app seems to have changed. I dont need a new sim and dont want to change my number. thanks


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Hi there @verykerry 

We’d usually only ever send a new SIM if it’s been a long time since you last had one.  Things should work fine on the old SIM still until you potentially activate the new SIM yourself using the iD Mobile App.

I've also just upgraded my plan for extra data allowance and have been sent a new sim. Are we expected to activate this sim and transfer our number over? My existing sim seems to work fine and the plan allowances seems to have changed on my account. So I don't see any need for the new sim.

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Hello @soxley90,


I’d recommend activating the SIM.

I’ve seen some cases where customers have accidentally activated them from within the app after months later and no longer have the SIM. This means they’re without services when:

  1. out and about
  2. Until a replacement arrives

Activating will simply transfer over to the SIM and should only take an hour at most.


But to answer your question:

Are we expected to activate this sim and transfer our number over? 

Not required to, but better if you do.

Otherwise, keep the SIM safe as a spare and can be activated in the future.




I've also been sent a new SIM but my plan change has already updated online. My only questions are, if I update SIM should it be after I put it on my phone? Also, will it keep my old number automatically? There isn't a new number attached to the new SIM is there?

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Hello @Sasco,

If your app has updated to show the new plan then the upgrade is successful.

You can activate the new SIM card and it’ll automatically transfer your services over to the new SIM.

Your number will stay the same and your billing dates and details should remain the same also.




Thanks. Do you activate the new SIM before putting it in the phone, or afterwards?


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Hi @Sasco,

It can be done in any order. You can continue using the old SIM card however if it is still working. 🙂


Hi, ive just got a new upgrade Monthly iphone contract and it was an upgrade from a sim only contract. It came with a new sim, will my old phone number go onto the new Sim?

Hi I got an upgrade and the new phone and sim arrived (I wanted to keep my old number). I activated the new sim and put it in my phone but trealised this attched me to a new number, therefore I swapped to have the old sim in the new phone, however this hasnt updated to include my new plan meaning that I have no data and can’t really use the phone outside of my wifi.

Im going away tomorrow so will be reliant for data for maps when driving etc., so need to sort this - any help greatly appreciated! Thanks  

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Hi @Georgina Ledger,

You should be able to use your old SIM within the handset.

When you log into your iD account/App are you able to see the upgraded allowances?



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