September Community Newsletter Competition - Closed

September Community Newsletter Competition - Closed
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Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5" Tablet!

We’re offering 2 lucky winners the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

With a distraction-free 10.5” Full HD display, Dolby Atmos quad speakers and impressive battery life, you can be immersed in your favourite TV show, reading a best-seller or downloading a fitness app or meal recipe on your way to work.

To be in with a chance to win, comment below and tell us what is your dream holiday destination?

You’ve got until midnight on Sunday 8th to enter and we’ll pick the winners at random.

Good Luck!

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My Dream Holiday destination would have to be a Visit to the Beautiful Maldives 😍 such a wonderful place, like heaven on earth!
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Probably Japan - never been before, but I have always loved Asian cultures!
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Well after Paris (Paris can be achievable) my dream dream is New York 😌 and just travel around.
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My dream holiday Is Japan 🇯🇵

I would love to go to Tokyo (The capital city)

This is because as a kid i loved the cartoon Lightning Mcqueen 🚗 and remember watching the episode called Maters tall tales. I will always remember the drift racing scene. After watching this, Tokyo has become a dream holiday 😆
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I would love to go to Daytona, Florida.

I want to go and watch the Daytona 500, NASCAR's original race, amazing!!!
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I’ve heard scratby is pretty amazing 😉
Dream holiday is Hawaii - looks like amazing weather and great outdoors-y activities.
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I have always wanted to go to Japan. I would love to go live there though but that's to big of a dream for now, one just came through so I won't push it to much. I would be overjoyed just to be there for Holidays. I would like to see Osaka and Himeji Castles, Kenroku Garden, Dotonbori and many more places.
Dream holiday would have to be Australia..... Would love to do the full tour round and even visit my half sister who lives in Brisbane
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My dream destination would be St Lucia. My mum and I have always wanted to go since I was young. Nice dream.
My dream holiday would be to go visit New York
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Dream holiday would be anywhere in Greece, great weather, great people, lots of history
I would love to go back to Cape Verde with my husband and daughter as I loved it on my honeymoon that much and talk about it all the time 😍
I'm dreaming of lying on a beach in Antigua sipping a Caribbean cocktail and thinking of blank. Just as it should be peace and only the sound of the surf rhythmically soothing. Dream on
dream holiday would be a quiet villa on the spanish coast
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My dream holiday is to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda
Would love to see New York for the first time, I think it would be an amazing experience to visit USA!
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My Dream holiday destination would be Florence, Italy for all the amazing renaissance art.
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Costa Rica 🏝️
My dream holiday? That would definitely be a small Greek island with no airport that can only be reached by small boat from Piraeus.
My favourite place to visit would be Santorini. I went there two years ago on a day trip fell in love with it. Would love to go and stay longer.
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My favourite holiday destination would be the Nile cruise, stopping off at Cairo museum, Giza and Sphinx, one of the 7 wonders of the world, then continue to Luxor, valley of the kings, Cleopatra palace, whilst watching the sun go down every night from our ship. Would be amazing.
My ideal holiday would golf and bowling in Cyprus
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My Dream hoilday location would probably be New York in USA 🏖️
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My dream holiday destination would have to be New York at Christmas time! 😍😍😍