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Multiple iD Accounts - view in one dashboard?

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Hi I have 3 iD numbers and monthly deals - they were all registered under my email address but I can only see the first number I bought. Is there a way to view all of the numbers in the same dashboard?


Best answer by Phil 6 June 2018, 12:20

Hi Gillen, you need to register separately for the other account.

You can do that here,

You will need to use an alternative email address for the second account.
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Hello @Tombloke 

Thanks for your feedback.

We are looking into this but unfortunately, sometimes there is a bigger picture to things which can take longer to implement than expected due to wider changes required.



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Hi there,

I understand this must be frustrating. I am afraid it's not something we have available right now, but hope it's something made available in the future.


It’s a daft omission and this thread is over 2 years old - so you’re obviously not working on a fix.  Luckily I have my own domain so can have multiple email addresses, but your driving away potential multiple SIM owners with this simple issue.

Carphone Warehouse are stuck in 1987 with their “cheque will take 28 days to arrive” policy, and it seems ID are equally Luddite.

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Hi there,

I understand this must be frustrating. I am afraid it's not something we have available right now, but hope it's something made available in the future.

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The requirement to register each SIM to a different email address is very poor. Frustration with this and the inability to converse ether on chat or on the phone with an agent on two there queries today has led me to look at an alternative supplier. We have 6 phones in the house and will now look to consolidate with  a user friendly supplier

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could you pm me the details for porting my number across as I also have got two sims on one account my current sim (old) and my new sim that I want to port to


Hello @Likahey,

I have PMed you with some more information on how we can help you.



Can I also have a pm regarding pac code.  I have filled in a form and tried on the app to add details and it keeps coming back with errors.   Thanks

Hi @danfrancis,


We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. The feature has been fed back to the team, but we don’t have any further information on when or if this feature will be implemented.


Maybe you could ask them for an update?? I assume the development team are part of the same company as you?!

Hi - has this feature (to view multiple accounts on one dashboard) been implemented yet? I note that according to the responses on this thread it was being planned over 2 years ago..

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Hi @Deepfat,


You can use the App for one line, and then set up another account for the other line with a new email address. This will allow you to view the other account on your web browser by logging into “My Account” (link to My Account here).


Hope this helps,



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Wish i'd seen this before getting another iDmobile sim for my other child.

Looks like i'll be moving both over very quickly so i can manage BOTH contracts in one app!



update to the above as it does not see possible to edit a post.


So to show how totally broken this is.

Downloading last months bill on both phone through app.

Both bills only show the billing for the second phone


downloading 2 months ago,   both bills show only the billing for the first phone.


Haven’t even bothered to look on the third phone.


Also ID, can you get whoever develops your mobile app to properly accept email addresses.

With gmail it is possible to have multiple email address for the same email account by using a + to separate parts.



would all go the the first email address.  However the app will not accept a + in an email address even though it is a valid character.


I can’t believe how bad this situation is and has been for over 2 years now reading all these posts.


I have 4 Sims with ID mobile, all registered with my email address when I purchased them, probably more than 2 years ago now. 


The ID app is installed on 3 phones ( 1 phone has 2 sims inserted) and at the time they were setup, all used  my email address for the mobile app as that was the initial email that I registered.  At no time did the app warn about not doing this.


This all worked at the time  and showed the info and  calling plan for that number.


Now however that is not the case and they show only my calling plan.  No idea when this broke, maybe it never truly worked.


Registering with different email addresses is not possible any more.  Uninstalling the app, clearing its data and trying to register again always fails saying the number is already registered.


So basically I now have 4 sims with ID but can only see information for my sim.   I have no idea what data/ calls are being used on the other sims. If I want to change, upgrade the calling plans I can’t.


So how am I supposed to fix this issue ?


How do I disassociated the other sims from my email address  so I can set them up with different email accounts,









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Hey @slydogjonah,

We completely agree and as per the many posts in this topic.

Gmail or Googlemail addresses can be used as: 


or even 


The email used when registering is really only for registration purposes and is treated as a plain text log-in.

Once registered, you can update the contact email, as this is the main one used for contact.

Several accounts can all have the same contact email but need to have different usernames.

Previously, we used to have usernames only like how you have on the Community.

Not sure why this was changed!



idmobile are a budget mobile provider, so I can appreciate that supporting multiple SIMs under a single online account may not have the best ROI. Just because other networks support this, doesn’t make it easy for idmobile to add it themselves.

If you’ve got a gmail / googlemail email account, you can trivially register multiple accounts by adding an alias to your email address which will still be delivered as normal, like this:

Most modern browsers not only suggest secure, unique passwords but will save them too. Anyone not using a password manager like 1Password are vulnerable to account takeovers, because the human brain can only store so many unique passwords.

That being said, I’d still appreciate the ability to manage all our family accounts via a single account via the app.

I can only add my frustration to those of many others in this thread. I am moving from BT and therefore having to give up on their family SIM deal.  Reviews and prices make ID the best option to transfer to, but I am not prepared or able to have 5 SIMs on 5 different emails, please please make a family profile account where multiple SIMs can be managed.


Put simply, without it I cannot see myself transferring to ID

Hi @Deepfat 


We are hoping to have this feature available in the future. 




FYI: “hoping to have” & “the future” do not answer this request. An answer would be something like:

  • “We understand how inconvenient this is and it’s our top development priority. We expect to make it available in the next 4 weeks.”
  • “Whilst we understand how inconvenient this is, we have other features that we are working on right now. After that work is complete we will be working on this feature and expect to make it available in the next 4 months, although that could change.”
  • “We’re sorry about the inconvenience this is causing you. Unfortunately, we believe it only affects a few customers and so we do not have the resources to work on it within the next 6-12 months.”

I understand that the customer service department will not have the ability to make these statements. Perhaps you could get someone from the development team to comment?

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Hi @Deepfat 


We are hoping to have this feature available in the future. 



Adding my voice to this request.

My older daughter already has a number with you, and I just upgraded the plan and was about to order a 2nd SIM for my younger daughter, as she’s getting her first phone soon. The process of upgrading prompted me to wonder about this and check.


I was glad I found this thread, as I now know not to bother and get a SIM from somewhere else instead. It’s a shame, but the only way loyalty works in this sort of market is when having all SIMs with one provider is MORE convenient. Take that away and you’re actively discouraging further purchases.


I’m a software engineer, and I can think of a few ways that this could be awkward to implement, but if it’s not anywhere near the top of the backlog/roadmap then just let us know. Many of my preferred service providers publish public roadmaps of some kind; might I suggest that approach? 

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Hey @slowmotionman,

Thanks for your feedback, we have made those points heard and we hope that the feature is implemented in the near future.


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  + 1 for this


@Will it’s very frustrating having a separate account for every family member. I’m about to set up my 4th account, so hopefully the ability to manage multiple numbers from one account will be added soon!





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That’s a shame to hear @tonster007.


Take care.



Having spoken to your support team yesterday, doesn’t sound like it!  Will be moving on closer to next bill date.

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Hi @tonster007,


Hopefully it’s something we’re looking into.



O2 do it (that I know of).  Don’t see why Id Mobile can’t.  Its not rocket science, surely?

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Thanks for the feedback @Deepfat, and we understand your point, but for now a 2nd email address is still required I’m afraid.



Also, this should not have solved at the top as quite simply it isn’t even close to solved. You are promoting a work round that is inconvenient rather than a solution.