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Sorry, your service does not allow access to this number

  • 6 August 2020
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PLEASE can someone answer this message for me.  I work for a charity supporting vulnerable and elderly people and I am regularly being cut off during phone calls using my ID mobile SIM.  


I will be mid way through a conversation and suddenly hear three beeps and hear a recorded message saying “sorry your service does not allow access to this number”


I have turned off WIFI calling as I thought that might be causing the issue but it’s still happening!  I know the phone is fine as it works with other SIMS. 


I have resorted to using my personal phone as I cannot trust the ID SIM mobile but I need to get this resolved.


Please help me to resolve this someone?


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57 replies

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No problem @Hazel1956,


Your patience was much appreciated by all of us here.



Hi all,

I can now confirm the issue has been resolved :). We’ve been monitoring the network since implementing an overnight change towards the end of last week and have not seen any further instances of the problem.

Thanks for your patience and contributions to the Community as we worked to get this one fixed!


This is still happening to me

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I've just had exactly the same problem calling my car insurer. I've had no problems calling them until today. I've made many calls to them the last 2 weeks, but suddenly it cut me off.

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Please can you advise if you get the same error message?


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"Sorry, your service does not allow access to this number" is (I think - as it was last Thursday/Friday) what it told me after it had cut me off (15 minutes into a call) and then once again, when I tried to call that number back, immediately afterwards. Fortunately I could get through again 10 minutes later.

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Glad to hear that this is resolved. 

If you have this issue again, please keep timestamps of the calls and we will check it out.



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Thanks, will try and remember to.


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