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  • 14 February 2024
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Update: this is ridiculous iD support!


Me- “Can i have an update of my issue my ported number has not been added onto my account and is currently dead.”


Upon looking into your account the tech team are still looking into your query


Me - “How can this be it’s been days”


I hear you, they are stating they are looking into the matter there isn't an update yet since the trouble ticket was raised this morning.


Me - “You said a ticket was raised days ago”


I do see that one was raised on 07/02/2024, however, a new one was raised this morning, meaning two have been raised so far.


ME - “you guys said you was going to email technical department to find out what was happening”.


Yes, I do see that an email has been sent out to the second line team however, we are awaiting on their feedback.


ME - “So why are you telling me i need a new sim card if the technical department has not got back to you”


That is the feedback we have so far "Hi team, we are looking into query as it seems the number the customer wants to keep is not linked to their account. Please send the customer a blank replacement in the meantime."



How is raising two tickets then telling me “it’s only just been raised” helping! And they are saying a new sim card will solve the issue….It’s an account problem they even admitted it was an account problem how is a sim going to fix the fact that my account still has the old number on it! It’s clearly delay tactic as the new sim will be sent in the post and i will have to wait more days!


I just want my ported number to be added onto my account yet they can’t work this out…..Why does it feel support are lying to me every time i talk to them i’m just going around in circles.


I will have to log a complaint tomorrow morning i’m not waiting anymore.😤

7 replies

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A split port takes 72 hours minimum (not including weekends) to resolve. It’s not as simple as ‘adding’ your old number to your iD Mobile account. Your old network needs to update things their end and pass on any missing or corrupt files.

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Ok i have had a number ported before and it shown on my account within like a day and went down for about a day had no problems.


This time the new number is not showing on my account the number is dead and i was clearly told there was a problem days ago. 


the number the customer wants to keep is not linked to their account.


This is also worrying i gave them my PAC code they took the number from my old provider and have not linked it to my account.

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Sadly, it appears many technical issues involve Three UK (the iD Mobile network partner), and seem to get stuck with ‘team’ Three UK. 

Apparently, iD Mobile support are limited to email only communication with Three UK support, which is probably not an efficient / effective way of doing things in a timely manner.


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Are you sure that you were given a PAC code and not a STAC code? A STAC code works in the same way as a PAC but is used to terminate a service after switching providers rather than transferring the number and then closing the old account.

It’s also worth mentioning that when dealing with split ports, all communication between the losing and gaining providers is done via messaging systems and not in real time.

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It was a pac code and cleary says pac when they sent it in an email. As i said i have done ports before with others and one with iD. This the first time i have had such problem.


iD have already stated the number is not linked to my account and there is a problem. The issue is solving the problem and communication on their part.


They have already taken the number from my old provider this is purely on iD mobiles end.

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Ok, I was just putting it out there. Hopefully id Mobile resolve the problem for you by the end of the working day tomorrow. 🤞🏻

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Hey there @Bobby168, we sincerley apologise that your port has been delayed with ourselves, and I can see you’ve mentioned that this has been raised to our technical team to resolve, which is definitely the correct procedure that we’d follow to resolve this.


As this has been raised to the technical team, they will be investigating this behind the scenes for you, and should keep you updated regarding what’s going on. Please keep in touch with ourselves for further updates regarding this, and I hope our technical team can get your port through as soon as possible.


Again, we apologise for the wait on this and our teams will be working to resolve this as efficiently as possible as we know your number will be important to you.


Kind regards,




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