Not receiving SMS from italian number when in UK and when in EU

  • 16 May 2024
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I am not receiving SMS from an italian number when I am in UK and when I am EU.

I can receive SMS from UK numbers when in UK and when abroad, I can receive and make calls to italian numbers.

I have a pay montly plan, in manage iD services I have International on, Roamin on, Premium on,

Data 100GB, Minutes Unlimited ,Texts Unlimited.

If I put an italian sim in the smartphome, I can receive and send SMS text.

I tested with one sim in the smartphone and with dual sim, the issue is always there.

I have a Galaxy S24 ultra.

Any suggestion?


Kind Regards




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9 replies

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Perhaps the person in Italy sending you an SMS, which you don’t receive, has omitted the +44 prefix for your UK mobile number, @emax69.


I tested with friends that have the number with the prefix,they can call me, I also don’t receive OTP messages from italian websites, they used to work before switching to iD. I also have an italian number on another smartphone that I used to test.

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Okay @emax69, sounds like there might be some network routing issues, following your switch to iD Mobile. When did you switch?


It was two years ago, but I noticed it few months ago when I needed an OTG already setup on a website before the switch.

*OTP not OTG

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Can the one problem Italian number call your UK mobile, @emax69?

Have you blocked the Italian number on your phone?


It is not just from one numenber,but any number, I have teested few

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It is not just from one numenber,but any number, I have teested few

You’ll probably need the iD Mobile tech support dept to look into this issue, @emax69

Good luck.

what is the best way to contact them?