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Photos and MMS will not send

  • 19 December 2018
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I have an iPhone 6. I have had ID mobile over a year with no problems before. I am not sure it this problem started after one of the iOS updates.
I have searched tried ALL the solutions for similar questions, network resets, SIM card removal etc. I am well within my monthly data allowance and have plenty of storage space on the handset.
Can someone help me rectify please? Thanks

25 replies

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Hi @Lulu

I would recommend checking if you apn has been removed due to update and compare it's details against the one from this link

To see how to check and edit your apn follow instructions provided here
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I am iOS 12.1.2 without APN
Apple says ‘if you cannot modify your APN settings contact your carrier.’
and ID cannot send settings for this update automatically
Can ID give me a step by step guide to rectify this please?
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There is a linkd in my previous post just click there and it will take to the websites that are helpful.
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Make sure you have data turned on and have allowed the app to access the internet
settings/mobile data/ and scroll down and make sure the message app slider is on.

Please try this it might work better

If that fails go to settings/general/reset/ and rest network settings
(you wont loose any personal data - you will need to re enter wifi passwords again)

Turn off the mobile and back on again and it should now work
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I’ve tried manually setting up I can’t accesd APN settings. Apple have said speak to the carrier. I have reset network settings and it still does not send mms to any of my contacts.
It says message failed to send.
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@Lulu go to settings/messages and check your settings there
make sure MMS messages is ON
and turn on low quality mode as some pictures may exceed the MMS limit

If you have contacts that do not use iMessages turn this feature off as it could be the cause of some your issues.
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Hi guys many thanks for your suggestions. I tried all of the above and no luck. Last resort I sent an email to iD mobile FAO their tech department.
A couple of hours later I had a ‘Carrier settings update notification on my lock screen saying ‘click to update automatically’
Clicked it and turned phone on and off and hey presto! It works 👍🏻 Thanks ID 😁
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For goodness sake. Phone is back to not sending MMS again today! 😩😩😩
It must be ID because the automatic carrier update they sent worked fine yesterday. Think Im just going to go with another sim deal if they don’t rectify it
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Hi @Lulu,

Have you removed the SIM card since the settings update happened? It sounds as though the phone isn't keeping hold of the required settings for picture messaging.

Are you able to reset your phones network settings to see if this helps? This can be done by heading to the general settings and then to 'Reset' and then to 'Reset Network Settings'.

Please note, this will remove any WiFi passwords saved to your phone.

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Hi Ryan. Yes, Ivevtemovedvthe SIM card and changed Network settings.....the latter twice. Still no change. I must say apart from the automated settings being sent to my phone iD customer Service haven’t had the courtesy to reply to my email.
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@Lulu I never did ask whether you have tried connecting the iPhone to a computer and using iTunes to update the mobile and carrier settings. Doing it over wifi isn't ideal, iTunes is better as it prompts you what is being updated, I had new carrier settings just the other week.
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Hey @Lulu,

MMS Messages cost 30p per message (as they are not included in your allowance.

Check your app also to see if your spending cap has not been reached or set at £0.00.

You'll need to raise this to allow the messages to send.

This could potentially be a factor.

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I don’t have iTunes or a laptop Terry. Thanks Mohammed but I have £4 spending cap which hasn’t been touched. MMS worked when I’d sent me automatic carrier updates. Then stopped again 🙁
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If you don't have iTunes then you can manually check for and install a carrier settings update with these steps:
  1. Make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.
  2. Tap Settings > General > About.
  3. If an update is available, you'll see an option to update your carrier settings.
  4. To see the version of carrier settings on your device, tap Settings > General > About and look next to Carrier.
you should have Carrier iD 35.1

When you say you have plenty of storage space this will NOT include space for mms.
MMS is app based and has it's own storage, you will never know when you have reached the memory limit of an app until you start experiencing issues.
If you have saved messages going back months even years this will and can cause issues sending and receiving at some point, I have seen it happen many times. Mobile apps are not built efficiently enough to extend their memory cache and the only way to clear this sometimes is to remove the 100's of saved messages taking up space, lets face it we all save our messages and never think they take up memory, however your mobile will never reveal this to you, mobiles are so dumb.

Worth a try deleting OLD messages!!! Considering you have such an intermittent issue here.
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Thanks Terry. Carrier settings are fine. I’ll try deleting old messages
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@Lulu keep us posted on how you get on.

If you're still in need of help, it might be worth checking in with our Live Chat Team, they'll be happy to have this looked at further with our Tech Team if need be in hopes to bring an end to this curious mystery.
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Hi Kevin yes I am still having the problem and I’ll try the live Chat Team.. Thanks!

They are are currently closed. I have an iOS 12 iPhone 6 which Id cannot currently send settings to apparently......

I did email them a couple of weeks ago and received automatic carrier settings from them. It worked then ..... for one day. So the problem must be I’d.

Ill post if I get anywhere with them this time. Otherwise I’ll go to another sim only provider.
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There are other iPhone 6 users in this community with the same problem and no solution so I won’t be over optimistic
I'm an iphone SE user and I'm having this issue.
I've been stuck going round in circles with live chats, calls, escalation to the tech teams etc. I keep being given the instructions to edit my apn (which I've explained I cannot access) or being told to go to apple. I've been to apple and carphone warehouse... shocker that they both agree it's the carrier's issue.
I haven't managed to get them to send me a carrier settings update as you received but even once I persuade them to do this, it'd be very frustrating for it not to be a permanent solution!
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Hi @Joan,

Sorry to hear that you are also experiencing this issue and we hope that we can get this sorted for you. Could you please try resetting your network settings by performing the following steps below:

Go to settings> General > Reset > Reset Network Setting.

Please note that this will remove any Wi-Fi passwords stored on the handset.

Thanks for the suggestion @Kash

This is something I’ve already tried with no success
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Just a long shot here but since everybody says they have tried everything!?

Has anyone tried increasing their usage cap from £0.00 to something a little more substantial from within their app dashboard? May resolve picture image issues!
I wish it would be something so simple.
Like Lulu, I have a £5 limit that hasn’t been touched

I am also having this problem. I recently switched to iD, am using an iPhone SE, am on iOS 13.1, have tried everything suggested in this thread, have a usage charge limit of £25, cannot change my APN settings, and am entirely unable to send MMS messages.

I have also just spent 20 minutes sitting on the phone trying to get through to tech support.

Frankly, at this point I am considering cancelling my Direct Debit and switching to a better provider.

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Hi @Scott Hill , we’re sorry that this issue has caused you to feel this way, we’d recommend testing the SIM in a different newer phone to see if MMS works so that the issue can be isolated.



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