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I have complained to ID many many times stating that I was promised a curry’s voucher of £30 fo myself and my daughter.  I was promised that someone would be in touch to resolve the issue but nothing heard back!!! What do I have to do to have this resolved as I’ve been waiting since December 23!!

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Perhaps use the iD Mobile complaints process to lodge an official complaint, @Gruff31.

If not resolved within 8-weeks, or iD send a deadlock letter within 8-weeks, you can refer the matter to the Communications Ombudsman, although this issue might be something for Trading Standards.



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Hey there @Gruff31, welcome to Community!


We’re very sorry to hear you haven’t received your vouchers yet. 


For voucher related queries, I’d recommend contacting our vouchers team via this email address below:


I hope they can assist further, or the complaints team can.


Thank you,