incorrect mobile number on phone

  • 10 June 2024
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I have just joined ID mobile and transferred my old number, I am having trouble sending text messages so checked on here to troubleshoot and found that the number that came with my new phone is still showing against the phone even though I transferred my old number. I have tried to change this but it will not accept my old number. When I call or my old number does show correctly so not sure what is happening.Can anyone help please. Thank you


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4 replies

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Have you tried a NETWORK RESET on the handset using your iD SIM card, @Jo Wild?

The device user guide or Google explains the reset procedure. 

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Thank you I will try

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@andewhite  just done the network reset and it looks like it has sorted the problem, thank you so much

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Hi @Jo Wild 


Glad to see @andewhite could get you sorted here, thanks for the help on this @andewhite.