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My phone number is due to switch over today but I've had no communications to if it has been done Thanks 

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I have the same issue. no message from ID Mobile, my SIM seems still to be on the new number, so the switch to my old number has not happened.  Furthermore, the App seems to be down and suggests i try again@tomorrow’ (April 3rd.) It is now April 3rd and no app. no help, no support. no means of contacting anyone really disappointed - this is a poor start to a new contract.

I feel the same. No way on contacting them other than this community hub. Still awaiting confirmation of my switch over glad im not the only one if they're having tech issues 

I have exactly the same problem: switch not completed, no way to communicate with the network. I am locked out from my VPN access for work - really good start of being a client of ID!

I’ve switched from 02 to ID and the switch day was today (3rd) but hasn’t happened. I have no service so can’t call or text or use mobile data only WIFI. I haven’t received a new sim or don’t even know if I have to get get a new one?

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Good morning.

I would suggest pestering the Web Chat team with your issues.  If the current outage goes beyond the ‘new app’ and usage of online accounts then this needs to be communicated - and issues actioned by way of other methods.  You’d assume iD has a Plan B...


Same here - WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can a communications company provide no LIVE communications - wish I had stayed with Vodaphone !!!


Having a similar problem to everyone else in this thread.  Switch was due to take place on the 2nd then the 3rd because of the Bank Holidays.  However, still no confirmation text today. Web Chat I just seem to end up with a bot with default problems to select from.   If I try to get a human it asks me to input a pin which I can only get by using the app (not working) or registering. Can’t register because my old number still isn’t working.

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Hi @Ccoatsworth @Xenia Ruscombe-King @minimusso @SteveWHU @Dave Wall & @AliC 


Are any of you still having issues with this?


Please let us know so we can get in touch if needs be.



I got a text today saying my switch has been completed but my old phone is still receiving all texts and calls and none on my new phone. I have checked settings on my new phone and it says the right number? Any advice?

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Hi @Amyrobo 


Does your old device still have RCS (Android) or iMessage (iPhone) enabled?


You may need to disable these services on your previous device.




Why iD Mobile?