Calls jumpy and text notifications not received

  • 22 April 2020
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For a while when I talk on the phone (not over wifi calls) it is difficult to understand what is being said as the sound is very jittery, it is also like this when listening voicemails. I also often dont receive text notifications unless I open the messaging app. Is this likely to be a fault with my provider or with my phone?

I have a J5 samsung phone that is 3 years old.

4 replies

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Hi @hayleymartin1174 

When you speak over wifi do you have any issues? 

its unlikely the network would cause this issue. 




No wifi calls are fine, it seems to odd to me that it would be my phone though since that works fine

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Have you tried to use your SIM in a different handset? 



No but I will do, thank you