Can't download MMS messages - MMS not set-up?

  • 7 September 2020
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I can't download mms messages. The son us not set up can you advise please 


10 replies

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Hello @Karen22,


Is this with just downloading/receiving MMS messages? 

Which phone are you using this on?

Are you connected to Mobile data when trying?



Hi Mohammed


I haven't tried sending one yet 

Yes I'm connected to both wi do and mobile but on checking settings mms is not on the apn

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Hello @Karen22,

Try turning OFF WiFi (as you can’t be on Mobile Data and WiFi at the same time since WiFi takes precedence).

Once WiFI is off and your phone has connected to Mobile Data (indicated by either 4G/LTE/3G/H+) etc try downloading the message and see if this works.



Hi yes I tried that and still nothing 

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Hello @Karen22  can you locate and send us a screenshot of your Access Point Name (APN) Settings?





As requested 

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Hi there @Karen22 

Could you edit those for us so that they’re as follows:


Name iD
APN id
Username <leave blank>
Password <leave blank>
MMS Proxy
MMS APN Username <leave blank>
MMS APN Password <leave blank>
MMS Port 8799
  * anything with <leave blank> should be left blank

Let us know how you get on thereafter.

Do I need to put anything in Apn, apn proxy,apn roaming protocol, mobile network provider mcg mind

Kind regards Karen 

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Hi @Karen22,


No, Just leave them blank.