FitBit Charge 2 notifications issue.

  • 4 January 2019
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Hey guys.

I have a wee question to someone who could help me fixing my partner's FitBit Charge 2 notification issue. She is using Blackberry Motion.

So, what happened is that she can get all her steps, calories and other fitness features synced as normal but she has stopped receiving notifications on the tracker. She should be notified of WhatsApp messages and calls but nothing show up on her wrist.

I have tried all this as below
# rebooting phone and tracker
# removing watch from companion app and syncing it again
# I have switched "Always connected" and "Keep-Alive Widget" on and off.
# In "Notification" setting I have changed default text app to Messenger and send her a text through there and still nothing.

I tried to Google the solution but I haven't found anything that I already haven't tried.

I ran out of ideas what else I could do there to make notification work again. Did any of you had similar issue?

3 replies

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Hi @Hikari,

You've probably already tried this, but did you also un-pair the FitBit via the Bluetooth settings at the same time as removing the watch from the companion app?

This happened with my mum's Huawei band which I know is a different product, but it could be worth a try if the FitBit connects via Bluetooth.

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Hey Ryan

Thank You for your answer. I have tried that as well. I have even let battery go completely off and then charged it again but notification still don't work. I will try contacting Fitbit and see if they can help me.

Thanks again Ryan
I have a fitbit charge 2, on the watch press the side button until notifications shows then keep it pressed down until it says on. I knock mine off all the time when I charge it, so I don't get notifications to my phone.