Galaxy S7 - ACtivate WiFi Calling

  • 28 July 2019
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I'm looking to set up WiFi Calling with a Galaxy S7. The phone shows on the list of supported devices, however, it was originally on EE, where the service could be enabled under the dialler options.

All the latest firmware updates - But the Wi-Fi calling option does not appear with an ID Mobile SIM.

Any comments on this, including the supported firmware versions?

4 replies

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Hey @my_phone_no

Did you try to go to settings - network settings and look for Wifi calling toggle ? It should be there under Advanced tab if it is enabled.
Wifi Calling on the S7 is located under 'call settings' on the 'phone app' as shown here:

The option to toggle it on or off is not there for an ID Mobile Sim card.
Works fine with original carrier (EE) but also with 3.

I see other threads where people are having the same challenge, and the S7 on the list of supported phones, but not anyone having successfully managed to enable it.
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Maybe you could try to enter this code *#*#46368676#*#* in your dialler and see if Wifi Calling is enabled for iD mobile. When your phone firmware has wifi calling enabled then you should be able to toggle it on, if it is disabled then will be greyed out. Below I attach screenshot from my phone. It is disabled for me unfortunately.

You can try playing with different firmware versions to see if that will enable it. When I had my Xperia XZ1 Compact it only worked when I flashed o2 version of firmware and did not worked on sim free version.
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Could you confirm the code? “ *#*#46368676#*#*   ” doesn’t work for me.

According to you, what would be the firmware to download to get WIFI calls and where can I download them?

Thank you in advance.