How long should I keep my Galaxy S7?

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I've had a Galaxy S7 for 2 years on contract, and I'm now moving to sim free. Does anyone have any advice on how long it's likely to survive until I need to upgrade? It's in good condition, I use a tech21 case at all times and have taken pretty good care for it overall. Thanks:)

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It really depends on a lot of things. Normally with my phones the battery dies/stops being able to charge and if I'm due an upgrade I get one instead of getting it fixed. I am not sure if you are able to take the battery out on an S7 or not, but if you can that'll extend it's life because if the battery dies on you you can replace it and it won't cost too much money.

You say that you take good care of it and have a case, so that rules one of the things out, as accidental damage is one of the ways that will cause the phone to die.

The other aspect is software, and it supporting updates and things like that. However an s7 was a top of the range phone when it was out, so I really don't think it's likely for them to stop supporting software for it anytime soon.

Essentially, summing up, actually I'm scared to give an estimate incase it dies on you tomorrow! But it seems like you might have at least a year or two life in it.
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Hi @J_H_H

I do agree with @happywondering. It's very hard to predict a lifespan of a particular device. There is so many thing that could go wrong at any time. I would say if you are happy with it use it as long as you can but if you would prefer to get something new you could trade it in Carphone Warehouse and only pay the difference for your new phone. You can check valuation of your phone here.

Regarding the battery, it is not user replaceable unfortunately. Luckily you can get battery replaced in Carphone Warehouse for #£39.99 using authorized service. You can find more information here.

To conclude. It's up to you how long you want to use it or if you prefer to go for something new as lifespan is hard to predict and can different for every unit of the same model.

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