Is it possible to use some Samsung features without signing your life away to them?

  • 6 March 2019
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I'd like to use the 'find my phone' feature but that would mean giving Samsung access to all my personal data, which I'm not comfortable with. Is there a way around this?

2 replies

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I just use google's find my phone feature. I'm guessing you have a google account if you have an android phone, so at least by using google's find my phone you wont be signing up to another account. Sorry if I'm getting this wrong, I am assuming by giving access to samsung to your personal data that you are trying to create an account with them to use their 'find my phone' feature.

When you sign up it asks you agree to the terms and conditions and in that it's saying that by agreeing you are allowing them to use your registration data, personal data and information in accordance with their privacy policy. So I think essentially, it's a no, there is no way around this as it's in the terms and conditions for signing up for a samsumg account.
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Hi @DaveH,

I also use the same service offered by Google. It only requires access to your location and it can be found easily using any other device when logging in with my linked Google (Gmail) account.