My phone doesn't make calls, it just cancels them while dialling

  • 10 October 2018
  • 3 replies

When I am trying to call anyone, my phone cancels the call before I even hear the dial tone. I can't use my phone and this is really making my life difficult.

3 replies

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Hi @HereticHenry,

I am sorry to hear this! Do you have enough minute allowance left to make the call, and have you reached your cap limit?

These can stop calls from going through.

Alternatively, try your SIM card in another phone to see if the issue persists. This will tell us if the issue is with your phone or the network services.

Hi there. I have tried the sim in another phone and it works. I have also tried a seperate sim in my phone and it works fine with that sim. I tried using my network settings and was unable to connect to the id mobile network, which I think is the problem. I am living in Newcastle which should be well covered, so I don't see how this can be a problem.
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Are you able to receive calls ok and use SMS ?
Can you check if there are any restrictions in place on the phone?