No incoming calls since joining ID Mobile

  • 25 February 2021
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Since porting my number from EE, I have been able to make calls, use mobile data, and send and receive text messages. But incoming calls do not work. Anyone who tries to call me hears a beep, then is immediately disconnected.


I had a conversation with an agent via online chat, who told me that "the network in your area is being reinstalled". I'm a bit dubious about this, as I would have expected WiFi calling or voicemail to still work (neither do). I was told that many people are experiencing the same problem at the moment, though I can't see anyone on this forum reporting anything similar recently.


I was told on the chat that the issue would be resolved by 1/3/2021, but I really don't want to be without incoming calls all that time, and I'm far from convinced that this issue is going to sort itself out. For the record, I have tried the SIM in two different phones, both are up to date. I've tried removing and reinstalling the SIM, and restarting the phones many times.


If anyone could shed some light on this, I would be very grateful!

6 replies

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Hi @adamb1980 

We are sorry to hear you are unable to receive calls. So we can double-check what you were advised by the Live Chat Advisor, please can you provide us with your Postcode?




Thanks for responding, I've sent you a PM.

So, I provided you with my postcode just a few minutes after you requested it, do you have an update for me?

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Hi @adamb1980,

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by that, PMs are managed centrally from one account just in case an advisor is not in the office to pick theirs up. We only use the PM feature if offered so we can contact you from the specific support account.

We will send you a PM now to help further with this issue.


How was this resolved as I am having the same issue? 

How was this resolved as I am having the same issue? 

Unfortunately, for me it was resolved by leaving ID Mobile and going with another provider. The issue all along was an error that had occurred when porting my number over to ID Mobile, but the first ID Mobile customer service agent I spoke to was absolutely adamant this was not the case, and insisted I wait several days while some nonexistent "network issues" were resolved. Needless to say the problem never went away, and when I got back in touch it was taking forever to get any further in resolving the problem.


So I moved to another provider. Regrettably the problem moved with me - no incoming calls, but outgoing calls were fine, as were texts and data. I reported the issue to my new provider, the issue was escalated immediately, and was fixed within hours.


I expect I would have got there eventually if I'd stayed with ID, but I really did not have the option to wait around. I hope this gets resolved for you quickly.