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  • 28 February 2019
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I have just swapped to ID Mobile both my wife and I, and when putting the new SIM cards into the recently unlocked phones, hers works fine but mine won't connect to the network. It keeps coming up with not registered to network and emergency calls only.
I have tried my wife's SIM card in my phone and hers does the same thing, I've tried my SIM in her phone and it works, we have identical phones, Samsung s7 edge.
I've looked on forums on what to do and tried what I'm able to from there and nothing seems to work. Does anyone else have any ideas??
I know it's not SIM related and is to do with phone but don't know how to fix ... please help

5 replies

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Hi @ajflacky234

Could you let us know what did you try already to see if you could fix the issue? I have few thoughts but I wouldn't want to give a suggestion that you already tried.

To me it looks like your wife's phone was successfully unlocked by now but your might still be locked?

Hi hikari,

I have managed to get it working ... I tried manualling inputting the APN, tried selected the ID network but couldn't find it, tried removing SIM for 2 mins with phone off then putting back in but didn't work.

Finally got it working with something I found at the bottom of an old thread. Remove SIM, turn phone off, leave 10 minutes, turn on, reinsert insert sim. That supposedly resets the network configurations within the phone.
All up and running now except the Wi-Fi calling which I can't get to work, used to work when on vodafo be but can't get going now?!
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Hi @ajflacky234,

We do support WiFi Calling for that handset, however if the phones were purchased from a network directly, i.e Vodafone, then it might have a version of their firmware installed still which can cause the feature to not work with other networks.

Have you ensured that the service is still enabled within the phone's settings since switching the SIM cards over?

Hi @Ryan,

The setting to enable and disable the wifi calling is no longer on the phone under all the different areas in setting it might be, with vodafone the only area it popper up was in the quick settings in the notifications pull down. Is there a way where I can update the carrier setting to an unlock phone rather that Vodafone firmware?

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Hi @ajflacky234,

The only way that this might be possible would be by contacting Vodafone or Samsung so see if they can recommend a way of flashing the software (within warranty of course) to the manufacturers standard.