PUK code needed but have a small issue

  • 23 February 2021
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I have two ID mobile accounts with two SIMs and two phone numbers, one for me and one for my partner, but I can only login to my account but cant remember my partners account login. If she ever had one?

Both bills come out of my bank account

My partner has just tried to enable SIM lock, it asked for her pin and she forgot it and it is now asking for a PUK

But this isnt my phones its hers

I have seen others on here with the same issue but its been their phone and their community login. I understand that these details are required to get a PUK

Any ideas what to do, we both live at the same address, we just cant ever remember registering her on ID mobile and cant see any details of the second SIM in my account

Complicated I know



2 replies

I have some more I can add to this now. Both Sims are registered to me but I cannot remember the login for my other sim and if I go to the reset password for ID mobile it sends to code to my partners phone, which is locked and a PUK is needed



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Hey @albertramsbottom 

We’ve popped you a message so that we can help you get your PUK.