SMS won't send

  • 8 April 2019
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Hi there

I have a Samsung J3. For the last week or so I have been able to receive but not send SMS.

When I try to send a message I get the error message 'Message failed to send

I have tried/checked:

Sending a message to myself - still fails
Checked the message centre number- it's correct
Restarted the phone
Factory reset of handset

I don't have another device that's unlocked or on ID so I can't test the SIM in another phone.

I can receive messages fine and make and receive calls.

I'd be really grateful for any advice on other things to try.

Best wishes

5 replies

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Hi @ChrisBoulton79,

It's strange to see that those troubleshooting steps haven't worked; they usually do the job! When changing the message centre number, can you delete it all and use +447782000800 to see if this helps? The +44 needs to be at the start too.

Have you checked your allowances to ensure you have enough SMS messages available? Also, does this issue occur when trying to send a text message to any number?

Thanks Ryan

I have re-entered the message centre number, but still no luck.

My account shows that I have unlimited texts

I've tried sending to multiple numbers and its always the same.

Its a real mystery!

Best wishes
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Hello @ChrisBoulton79,

That's very odd.

Have you tried the SIM in a different device?
If it's failing in a different device, it's possible there's an account issue that we can look into.

Thanks @Mohammed

Unfortunately, I don't have another device that isn't locked to another network, so i can't test this.

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Hello @ChrisBoulton79,

Would you be able to pop into your local Carphone Warehouse store so a member of staff can test this in-store with a handset?

Let us know how you get on.