sorry, your service does not allow access to this number

  • 21 December 2020
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Hello, really hoping someone might be able to help. I am in the Netherlands and urgently need to make a phone call to the UK tomorrow, 21st December. I ring numbers in the UK all the time and have no problem, but this specific number always says ‘sorry, your service does not allow access to this number’ when I press dial. The number is an 0800 number. I have international calls allowed on my phone and no blocks for anythign that I am aware of. Many thanks, Holly

1 reply

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Hi @hol 

We are sorry to hear you were unable to call the 0800 number from abroad. Please try 44800 at the beginning, if this does not work then please try 00 44800 at the start when calling an 0800 number. Let us know how you get on.