what happens now?

  • 27 March 2020
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I’ve returned my handset posted it via recorded delivery and tract it down from Royal Mail it said it’s been received,I’ve posted it back as I’m having problem with the handset and talked to one of the ID staff they’re happy to send me a new but same model handset.But now that I can’t talk to any staff via phone can’t even follow up.

4 replies

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Hello @Ara77 


There is few alternative ways to contact iD Mobile at this moment. You could use Facebook to send private message to them  they will be able to check the status of your return. 


Kind Regards 


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Thank u I’ll try and send them message :) x

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Hi @Ara77 

It can sometimes take a few days after the arrival of a return for all the admin work to be completed for the return.  So my guess would be that you have nothing to worry about and that it’ll be processed shortly (if not already done).

We’ll catch up with you as soon as possible though if you’ve contacted us through the means mentioned above.

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Thank u I’ll just wait then x