Where to get a phone repaired during lockdown

  • 16 November 2020
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The microphone on my Pixel 3A XL has stopped working. Its only 18 months old, and so still in its warranty period. I’ve tried contacting iD Mobile through their live chat, but they don’t seem to actually employ anybody, just bots. 

I’ve searched online and this is a common problem with this device. I’ve done a factory reset to see of that worked, but no use. 

I’d normally take it to a Carphone Warehouse for assessment and repair, but as they’re closed, where can I send it to for repair?


1 reply

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Hi @dannyb01,


You’re right in that when it isn’t lockdown, Carphone Warehouse would be the best bet. As they’re closed now, we’d advise contacting the manufacturer directly, as they have extra measures in place set-up due to everything that’s going on.