Wi Fi calling on Galaxy S7

  • 15 January 2019
  • 3 replies

So i have recently joined iD Mobile and I'm having issues with wifi calling as in it seems to disappear from my settings when i enter the id sim. Previously on vodafone where i have an option to turn wifi calling on/off. No option on id mobile. I signed up to id because it says it offers wifi calling to galaxy s7. This is a must have as my workplace is an old remote building with no coverage. Is wifi calling even available or is it wrongfully advertised?

3 replies

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Hi Ben,

Our WiFi calling feature does with with the Samsung Galaxy S7, however the fault here may lie with the firmware installed on the phone, especially if the phone was supplied by Vodafone, or if it has been used on Vodafone recently.

Have you installed any new software updates which may be available for your phone?

Hi Ryan

My phone is upto date. The wifi feature just disappears when i put my id sim in. If i put the vodafone sim in it reappers. I have tried a ee sim in the phone and it provides wifi calling option. Looks like its a id mobile thing.
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Hello Ben, that's odd.

We do provide WiFi Calling on the S7 and it could be a firmware issue that's causing this.

Was this a handset purchased in the UK?

From a bit of online reading, I've found that with handsets purchased outside of the UK, this can cause an issue with the WiFi Calling Option being displayed.

(I'm not saying this is the root cause, but a possibility).