Wifi Calling unlocked S8

  • 9 May 2020
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I bought an unlocked S8 in the UK last year, had a SIM in it for a month and then moved to Australia. Haven't used the wifi calling feature as I simply havent needed to.

I've come back home, was recommended iD for the cheap sim only deals and good coverage. However, I live in the middle of a national park and no one gets service here. My neighbour (by which I mean the person across the valley) uses iD and has wifi calling etc so I thought that would be ideal. However, having gone through and made sure everything was enabled, I can't get my phone to work, it just tells me theres no mobile network.

A little search has shown that it is a common issue with unlocked phones, but not for every carrier. So the fault therefore appears to lay with iD. Please please tell me there is a way to rectify this so I dont have to go through the rigamarole of getting another sim!!

1 reply

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Hey @EllsBells24 


I have had very similar problem with my Galaxy Note 10 that was purchased unlocked. I have got it fixed myself as this is software issue on the phone. When phone is not purchased from iD or Caphone then it is missing the files that make WiFi Calling work, kind of like drivers for Windows. Here you can find my whole story regarding that situation.  I have explained there how to check if your software has required files installed and how to flash them if they are not there. I must warn you though, this is not iD Mobile supported solution, I have found it myself and worked for me. 


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