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Get rewarded when your friend joins iD with Refer a Friend!

  • 17 September 2021
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Get rewarded when your friend joins iD with Refer a Friend!
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Fancy getting a treat each time a friend or family member makes the move to iD Mobile? Now, you can…

Starting this month, we’ll be launching our Refer a Friend scheme again, giving you and your friend a chance to earn even more than last time!. When your mate buys a phone or SIM Only deal on our website and joins you on iD Mobile, we’ll give you both a gift to say thanks. So, how does it work?

Easy. As an existing iD Mobile customer, it’s down to you to sign up to the Refer a Friend scheme! Once you do, we’ll send you a unique, personalised link to send to your friends and family. You can send your link to as many people you like, and we’ll reward you for up to 100 people per year– that’s some serious potential earnings!

The link you send out will take your friends and family to a page where they can also register their details. When they’ve done that, they can then go on to buy a phone or SIM-only plan on the iD Mobile website. Whatever purchase they make will earn you both a reward, so long as they tell us about it!

Your friend can tell us they’ve made a purchase by submitting their iD account number using a separate link that will be emailed to them after successful registration, they must submit their account number within 14 days from the date they bought their phone or SIM. They’ll find their iD account number both on their welcome email and on the invoice that comes with their new SIM

During this time, we’ll check over their details to confirm everything’s okay, and you’ll be able to check the progress of your mate’s move to iD on your very own Referrer Dashboard. The Dashboard is your one-stop shop to stay up to date with all your referred friends’ progress. Just head there, and you’ll know exactly how far along they are in joining iD.

Once they’ve made two full bill payments, we’ll confirm their move to iD as successful and you’ll both be able to claim your reward.


What’s the reward?

Love your tech? We’ve got the perfect gift to say thanks when your friends join you on iD. We’ll send you both a Currys gift card up to £30 to treat yourself to the latest gadgets and tech, on us! Let’s break it down:

Whatever deal your friend goes for, you’ll both get the same gift (it’s only fair!). Once your friend has fully completed their move, we’ll send you both your gift cards. And the best bit? You’ll get rewarded every single time a mate joins with your referral, and they can sign up as referrers once they join too!



30-Day SIM Only

12 or 24 Month SIM 


24- Month Phone Plan


£10 Currys gift card

£15 Currys gift card

£30 Currys gift card


£10 Currys gift card

£15 Currys gift card

£30 Currys gift card



When will I receive the reward?

You’ll be able to claim your reward once your friend’s purchase is verified and they make two full bill payments. We’ll send out the reward between 45 and 90 days from the date that your friend submits their iD account number.  


Can my friend sign up for a reward after they’ve already purchased a plan?

Unfortunately, not. In order for you and your mate to receive a reward, they need to sign up before they purchase a plan. Once they’ve signed up, purchased a plan and submitted their account number within 14 days from their purchase date, they are eligible for a reward.


Can my friends buy their iD Mobile plan from anywhere?

Only purchases made on will be eligible for a reward. But if you want to sign up as a referrer, it doesn’t matter where you purchased your iD Mobile plan. Welcome aboard!


For more information, or to get your referrer links visit our Refer a Friend page.


T&Cs apply.

10 replies

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ANNOUNCEMENT! Our ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme is now live again, with even bigger rewards!


I referred my Mum to move to ID Mobile on a 12 month SIM only deal, only to see an email from ID Mobile 2 weeks later offering a refer a friend deal. Any chance ID Mobile would honor the refer a friend deal for me and my Mum?

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@noz901 Hey there! That’s great you’ve referred your mum, we’re happy to have you both with us.

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to honor this as our Refer a Friend offer wasn’t live at the time of purchase. 


That’s disappointing, I’ll bear that in mind when both contracts are due for renewal. Thanks.


I’ve used the link sent to me from the referrer but mistakenly entered the customer number instead of account number. If I go back to the page and enter my name/email it says checks are being done - will you pick this up or shall I just use a different email address and try again?

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Hi @Karl Hoods,

It’s likely that the relevant team will be in touch to advise some information is incorrect.



Hi, I've referred a friend using the refer link. They have now had an email from you with a link asking them to submit their account number but the link on the email just takes them to the main refer a friend page. Can you help?

My dad has just signed up for a sim only deal. I sent him the refer a friend link and I've now got his order number to submit. But where do I submit it? Any help is appreciated. 

I referred my wife and niece back in mid December and still not received anything. I know they submitted their account numbers but nothing since then. Is there anyone that has received? Or was this all a scam? Lol 

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Hi @Jane Wilkins, @Cobi Moss, @S.han, I’d recommend speaking to the Live ChatFacebook or Twitter teams, as they’ll be able to help with this.


Thank you,



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