App Not Working Since Upgrade

  • 14 September 2019
  • 8 replies

Since I recently upgraded I cannot access the app.
Every time I open it and put in my password it comes up with message regarding new sim, with 2 options to tap whether started using new sim or not.
When I tap "No, I haven't to use my new SIM yet" I get a popup saying "No problem, when you're ready log in and select 'I have started'.
Only option to tap on this popup is "Close this popup and go to the iD app" which does nothing...

How can I fix this to use the app?

8 replies

Nothing new then!
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Hi welcome to the ID Community

Uninstall the app, turn the mobile off and then back on.
Then re-install the app again from the store.

Corrupt app or data or both!

If you know how to clear the data and cache of the App then try that first.
(this is mobile dependent sorry I can't be more specific)
Hi, I have the same problem - and your suggestion doesn't work!
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Hello @craig816,

Have you got the new SIM from the upgrade? Have you tried tapping Yes to having the SIM to activate the new SIM?
Only do this if you've received the SIM or you will be left without service until this arrives.

Hi, thanks for the reply. The thing is I don't need the new sim - it was only sent to me as I changed my plan but I don't need to change to the new sim, so the answer will always be "no" to the question it asks!
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Does the new SIM fit your phone @craig816 if so, it would be best to pop that one in. Tell the app "yes" and discard the old SIM there (which will be deactivated permanently at that point).

Some of our newer SIM's have better reliability or compatibility, so it's advantageous to switch that SIM every few years or so.
I have the same issue. If I put in the new sim will it still have everything else I need on thrre? Would you suggest doing a backup first?
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Hi @Anwen1

Putting the new SIM in shouldn't have any bearing on the things on your phone. All your photos and contacts would highly likely be saved to the actual phones memory itself.

So we'd recommend popping the new SIM card in and use that one going forward.