Can't Log In To Daughters Phone

  • 6 April 2020
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We got my daughter a phone and ID mobile SIM in 2017.  I want to upgrade to unlimited data but the site doesn’t recognise the username, date of birth or password.  How can I get access or do I need to wait for customer service to come back?  



3 replies

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Hey @Louisetu 


Did you register your daughters account before? Did you use your details or hers to register the account? Because I think if you took the contract on your name then you would need to register the account under your name as well, @Nikhil P could you correct me if I am wrong? There is also an option "forget password" and you can reset it if you account was already registered. 


Kind Regards 


My partner registered her account but as she was 10 at the time he said he used his own date of birth and my email.  Complicated I know.  Also he didn’t write it down 😫.

All the emails about the account come to my email address but as I already have an account in my email address it just resets that one if we use that.  The username works as Damian which is how he set it up but forget password requires the date of birth and who knows what he has put there.  We have tried every combination of dates for resetting her account to no avail.

When we reset username it sends a code to my daughters phone which I input on the webpage but it says no user with this detail exists.

If I could just work out what date he had used it would probably be able to be reset, but I have no idea.

Is my only option to close her account and start with someone else?


Thanks for your help

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Hi @Louisetu 

I have sent you a private message with more information.