Changing name, gender, and username

  • 18 August 2019
  • 1 reply

I've recently changed my name, gender and title and it seems I can't update any of these on the app or the website. Also my username on both the app and this community contains my deadname which I'd really rather not be exposed to ever again. How can I change these details? Or if I can't who do I contact about changing them?

1 reply

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Hi @davemcl,

We can change the username here for you, what would you like the new one to be? Provide me with a couple, just in case your preferred one is already taken. We'll also change the name on the account if you can provide us with evidence of the change i.e deed poll.

In regards to your mobile account username, we can't change this once it has been set.

Please can you send us an email to with these details and we'll get started?