Details incorrect when registering for the account?

  • 19 January 2019
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I’m having trouble both registering on the app and getting through on the phone as apparently my details are wrong;my surname d.o.b and phone number with the account which I am 100% are correct. Very frustrating as I cannot pay my bill and have now been cut off. I’ve rang many times before using the same details and got through with no problems and have changed nothing?? Has anybody else had the same or similar trouble?

1 reply

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Sorry to hear you're having issues when registering your iD Account.

A common misconception when registering we find is that people who are looking to keep an old number, they will try to register with their old number instead of the ID Mobile number that has come with the new ID Mobile SIM.

When you're entering your details, are you entering the number we have given you. Once you're inside and registered, you will then have the option to submit your PAC to be able to bring your old number across to us.

Once a number change is complete, your ID Mobile number will automatically update on our side.

The account holder's last name and date of birth will be the ones to enter also.

If all of those are correct and still not working then it's possible that you've entered the information correctly when registering.

This may be a single letter or digit entered incorrectly so it's recorded differently on our systems.

Try the above and let us know and if you're still having issues just reply here.