Porting in - unable to submit the form

  • 29 October 2019
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I am trying to port in from other network using my STAC code. At first I have tried to submit the form via my phone as ID app has redirected me to ID web. Clicked on submit and nothing has happened, so I thought it might be a browser issue. After giving it a try in all available browsers, it seems to be obvious it is not it. 

Form also asking for “Transaction Number” which I do not have as I haven’t purchased in Carphone.


Chat is not working, I have spent 20 minutes waiting on line whilst attempting to contact ID - my time ran out so I could not wait any longer.


Can someone advise on how to do this? Thanks...

5 replies

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Hi @zealander84,


We’re sorry to hear about this! The webpage you’re using may actually require a different code you see depending on your intentions. Are you wanting to transfer your old number over to your new iD Mobile plan? If so, we would need a PAC code from you which is given to you by the previous network.


A STAC on the other hand code simply lets the previous network know that you wish to leave them without taking your number with you so by giving us a STAC code, you would lose your old number.





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Thanks, @Ryan for your reply.

I am not keeping my original number from the previous network. My intention is to terminate an existing contract with another supplier, whilst keeping ID. It seems to be the easiest way of termination as no phonecalls and creepy questions from company I am leaving. So I have obtained a STAC code and want to register it with ID.

Can you please provide any viable solutions for this? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @zealander84,


That’s great, thank you for clarifying. If you can head to this webpage: you’ll be able to submit your STAC code.

If you are having further issues, our Live Chat Team will be able to apply this to your account, and they can be contacted here.



similar kinda issue


I want to port in so entered all relevant info and get the error message that all fields must be completed…...but they are?!

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Hi @MalpasoMan 

Welcome to the iD Community.

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.