Upgrade No Password No access to phone for password change pin

  • 1 March 2020
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My phone is broken so I am trying to log into my account but have forgotten my password. It is saying it is sending the pin to my phone but obviously my phone is inaccessible so i cannot see the code. Anyway I can change my password without my code? 

1 reply

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Hello @GHeaven,


There is no way to access the account via a password reset without the code.


Your best option is to contact us via Social Media on Twitter: ID_Mobile_UK or via Facebook

As we can get the code to you before it expires (15-minutes from requesting it).


If you can’t get in touch with us via either of these, we would recommend calling 0333 003 7777 so we can provide the code over the phone once you’ve completed security to help you get back into your account.