6 iD features that can help you this half-term

  • 24 January 2020
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6 iD features that can help you this half-term
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Are you ready for half term? If you have kids, you know that they can get bored at home – so they might nag you for your smartphone to keep them busy. And while there’s nothing wrong with them enjoying a great movie or playing a favourite game, you might want to keep an eye on how long they’re spending on your screen and what they’re looking at. That’s where the iD app can help out.

Not only will you be able to monitor your children’s usage, you can also set limits with caps and bars. So, you can keep both your phone and your kids protected this half term. Remember to also check out our guide to keeping kids safe online.

Monitor your allowance

Just log into the iD Mobile App or My Account online and you'll be able to see exactly what you and they have used. You can also monitor your usage by calling 7777, where you'll be able to listen to your available allowances with our automated service.

Set bill caps

Worried about your little angels burning through your minutes or data? Simply change your Bill Cap at any time with the iD Mobile app or My Account online.

Adult content filtering

Naturally, you don’t want your kids stumbling across content they really shouldn’t be seeing. Fortunately, you can use the iD App’s adult content filtering to block adult content on your phone.

Premium calling

Because today’s kids are digital natives, they can work out how to do pretty much anything. So, you don’t want any nasty shocks on your bill. Use the iD app to block premium-calling.


If you’re going away this half term, remember to turn roaming on. But in some countries, it can be more expensive to use data or minutes. Fortunately, you can turn it off just as easily.

Lost and stolen feature

This one’s always useful to know about. If your phone has been lost or stolen, you need to tell us right away so we can protect your account from misuse. To do this, log into your app or online account and follow these steps:

  • Go to 'My Services'
  • Scroll down to 'Lost or Stolen'
  • Click 'Prevent your phone or SIM from being used'
  • Click 'Block SIM'
  • Click 'Confirm'
  • If you need a replacement sim, click ‘Chat to us’ (which you’ll find in the right-hand corner of the screen). You will either get a replacement in 2-3 days or just pop into Carphone Warehouse, pay a £5 fee and get one straight away. Panic over!

If you think your kids are ready for a phone of their own, why not check out how to choose the best phone for kids.

2 replies

Can the “Block SIM” function be used to effectively disable my child’s phone whenever I need to? e.g. when I need to impose a sanction if she’s hidden the phone and won’t hand it over to me. I guess this will only prevent calls and mobile data. Presumably I can unblock it in the same way?

Are there any consequences of using this feature such as a limit to the number of times I can do it? Thank you.

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Hello @GaryF,


It’s not something that would be used to impose a sanction so to speak as it blocks the SIM & blacklists the handset on the network.

Though a quick message to us via Social Media will allow us to raise a request to un-block this, it’s not going to be a case of ON & OFF.


It’s a great feature to bear in mind though so I’ll certainly pass on feedback in the hopes it’s something that can be added in the future :)