6 signs that it’s time to upgrade your phone

  • 31 October 2023
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6 signs that it’s time to upgrade your phone
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Is your smartphone struggling with basic tasks? Do you dread going out without a charger? 

Sounds like it’s time for an upgrade. Unlike cosmetic issues that can sometimes be fixed, processor slow-down and battery issues are inevitable as your phone ages. 

There are loads of warning signs to watch out for, so we’ve focused on some of the major ones. If any ring true, it’s time to consider how long you’ve had your phone and if it’s still up to the task. 

1.Failing battery and random shutdowns

Does your phone's battery drain faster than a Formula 1 car? Smartphone batteries are made with lithium-ion and can go through 300-500 full charge cycles before they start to deteriorate. After that, they tend to only hold between 70-80% of their original capacity, eventually losing the ability to recharge altogether. So, if you can barely make it through the day without desperately searching for a charger, it's a clear signal.

And if you’re out and about and need your phone for directions or to pay for stuff, having a battery on red or your phone randomly shutting down can be legitimately stressful. Newer smartphones will give you a brand-new battery with much better battery performance, so it could be time for a replacement.

2.You can’t update apps or your operating system 

If you’ve had your phone a long time, the manufacturer may eventually stop supporting your device. You won’t be able to upgrade to the latest operating system or install security patches, which may expose your sensitive data to hackers. 

With every OS update, your smartphone experience should become smoother and more intuitive. Using a phone that’s too old means you’ll miss out on tons of new features. Even worse, it might not be compatible with faster 5G networks, so you’ll be stuck with slower data speeds. Being stuck in a time warp on an older OS will mean you miss out on the latest versions of your favourite apps too. Upgrade before you’re left in the dust. 

3.Your phone is slooooow

There’s nothing worse than lag. Maybe those apps ate taking an Ice Age to open. Or maybe your touchscreen is getting less and less responsive. If the lag is software, you can at least clean up and reboot your phone and see if that helps. But if it’s the touchscreen, there’s not that much you can do about it. In either case, you it might be time to upgrade to a phone that does what you want, when you want. The difference will be a huge relief!

4.Your screen or chassis is heavily damaged 

Let’s face it – we’ve all dropped our phones at some point. There’s no feeling quite like tentatively retrieving your phone from the floor and hoping that the screen is intact. But there comes a point when your device has had one mishap too many. A cracked screen’s not a good look, and all those knocks might eventually loosen hardware parts and affect the smooth running of your device. Imagine the delight of a pristine screen with no cracks or scratches. Treat yourself! 

5.Your phone takes poor quality photos and videos 

If you're tired of blurry photos, underwhelming selfies, and missing out on those stunning Instagram-worthy shots, a camera upgrade might be your calling. Newer phones boast fantastic camera technology, making you the envy of all your mates on social media.

Modern smartphone cameras are incredible. Many feature main lenses with over 48 megapixels, backed by wide-angle and macro lenses. They can shoot seamless, shake-free 4K or even 8K footage and take fantastic selfies with HD front-facing cameras. Being able to capture crisp memories is one of the most compelling reasons to upgrade. 

6.You’ve run out of storage space and memory

Had your phone for years? All those precious photos, videos and apps means that it’s probably getting full. Unfortunately, if your device doesn’t support expandable storage, there’s not much you can do without having to pay extra for Cloud based storage. And while you can transfer pics and videos of your phone manually, are you ever going to get round to doing it?

If larger apps keep crashing on your device whilst they work fine for those around you, you probably need more RAM (Random Access Memory). The more RAM your device has, the quicker it performs tasks and the better it is at multitasking. Many new phones feature upwards of 6GB RAM for incredible responsiveness and the ability to run the latest apps. Make sure you purchase a device with enough RAM for your long-term needs. 


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