Best free education apps for kids

  • 31 March 2020
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Best free education apps for kids
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Schools across most parts of UK are closed, which means many children are now learning from home. Finding the best apps that will keep kids occupied and educated can be tough given the sheer number out there. That’s why we’ve done all the hard work and found five free apps to get you started.

Tube Kids – for all round learning

YouTube Kids provides content designed entirely for children 12 and under. The website, or app, offers a wide range of popular videos, both fun and educational. Plus, there are parental controls to give you peace of mind about what they can access and watch.

Free – iOS and Android

EdPlus Kids - testing your knowledge

EdPlus Kids in the new face in class, allowing learners to test each other via video questions. Studying subjects including English, Maths, Science and Foreign Languages in the app. Great for keeping that competitive edge and interaction with classmates alive.

Free – iOS, Android

Duolingo - learning a language 

The world’s largest collection of language-learning data means that learning a new language is as easy as downloading the app! And it’s not just for kids, either. It’s simple and straight forward to use, adapts to your learning style and the exercises are tailored to help you learn. Bravo!

Free – iOS, Android

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PhotoMaths - online maths tutor

Unsure about a maths question? Simply snap a picture of the maths problem and get a step-by-step solution. Whether it’s fractions or equations, get help easily. It also takes the hard work out of marking your children’s work!

Free – iOS, Android

Lightbot - coding guru

Kids love playing on apps so why not get them to understand how to make their own? With basic concepts of coding and the logic that computer programmers use to write code, you can secretly teach kids how to code while they play fun games.

Free – iOS, Android


Got any other suggestions for apps? Comment below and get advice from the iD Community.




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