2 plans on 1 email address - how to manage

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Hi I was already an ID mobile customer on a full plan but I recently bought a PAYG sim only for my son’s phone. I used the same email address when purchasing this.

I installed the ID mobile app on his phone but when I log in it shows my phone plan - not the sim only.

How do I change this so he can see his own plan?

(he’s only 11 years old, which is why it is me who purchased)



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Hi @Nigel Campbell,


You’ll need to register the number to a different account using a different email address as the username. The App will only ever display the one plan, so to keep an eye on the other, you’ll need to log-in via a browser.


Please click here to be taken to the appropriate page to open the new account for your new number.





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Hi Will - that link just takes me to my account page and there is no information of how to set up a new account there. Can you be more specific?




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Go here:


Enter the details for your son’s PAYG sim but just remember to use a different email address as the username. You cannot use the same username/email address that you use for your own account. 🙂