Accidentally ordered the same plan twice

  • 26 November 2020
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I had gone to order a phone plan for a Google Pixel 4a, when trying to finalize the payment the webpage claimed it had issue completing the transaction with my bank account.


I then tried to cancel and retry the same process on my PC to see if the results would differ, and it came to the same result.


Regardless of this I have now gotten two pending transactions of £0.01 to check the validity of my account and I am afraid that I will be charged for 2 plans when I only wanted the one. I haven’t received any emails or anything through from iD and am unsure what I would need to do to cancel the potential extra plan.


3 replies

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Hello @ncastelow,

Pending just means the money is reserved.


1p is taken for the verification checks but it sounds like the orders have not completed.

Can you confirm if you have since had the 1p returned or if the funds have been taken?




It seems as though they’re still pending on my transactions when I check my online banking. I’ve contacted the Live Chat since, and no record of an order could be found. I assume that neither order had actually gone through.

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Hi @ncastelow 


As the payment are showing as pending they will automatically release back into your available funds.

If you do require any further help, please let us know.